Friday, December 3, 2010

Circuit Quilt Premiers at the Annual Boys & Girls Club Art Show

Tonight was the opening of the annual BGC Art Show at the Bloomington City Hall.  Over 50 pieces of art were shown and it was also the unvailing of the Circuit Quilt, which included 16 circuit quilt squares made by youth who attended the Creativity Labs summer workshop.
The quilt project was met with enthusiasm by everyone at the art show as they entered the front door.  As parents, children and teachers interacted with the quilt, they were amazed that the squares lit up!  Children wanted to make another one this summer, parents wanted their children in the current e-textile club and workshops and there was a real buzz about the combination of science and the arts!

 Matisse, the BGC Art Director, and myself display the quilt
 Additionally, there was a lot of excitement about the bracelets the e-textiles club is currently making at the BGC as well. Unfortunately, we are in the last week of the club before the holidays, but I have a feeling many will be requesting the return of the bracelet in the upcoming spring semester.  Several mothers even commented to their child that they wanted one for themselves for the holidays!  (See the LilyPond for instructions on the bracelets)

The quilt is still undergoing it's finishing touches: like embroidering on the green trim, and having the youth at the club add yarn ties to the square intersections.  After a short display in our offices, the quilt will be presented to the club to hang an a wall where the children can easily press the push button switches to light up each circuit.

I wanted to add a special thanks to Kara, our lab assistant, who really came through in getting the quilt to this point so quickly for the art show.  Also thanks to our summer workshop circuit team: Aviyona, Clay, Ethan, Gabriel, Griffin, Justin, Lennon, Luca, Makayla, Melisha, Phoebe, Rakia, Ron, Sage, Samari and Stephanie for making their first sewn circuits so beautifully!

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