Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Book: Sewing School: 21 sewing projects kids will love to make

As we work with youth in elementary school, we're finding many don't have the basic sewing skills or knowledge about sewing, materials and procedures.

This is where the book Sewing School can help.  It nicely lays out many sewing basics from beginning to end like tying a knot, to threading a needle, various stitches, materials, about sewing in groups, using patterns (and includes patterns) and showcases youth aged 6-13 through out the book. 

Additionally, Sewing School shows a number of simple projects that could be made and are being made by youth.  One of the strongest components of the book are the quotes from the youth, especially if youth will be looking through it for guidance...they'll see how much someone else enjoyed it and feel that they can also complete the project.

This is the look-inside link at amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Sewing-School-Projects-Kids-Will/dp/1603425780#reader_1603425780

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