Monday, November 15, 2010

Electronic Craft Bags

Toting the myriad supply of needles, conductive thread, LEDs, alligator clips, and so on, then distributing it amongst kids' table and toting it back later can be a big pill to say the least. So we bought these bags thanks to a facebook ad that was actually relevant.

Here are scissors, Lilypads, alligator clips, fashion paint, velcro strips, a mini iron, USB drives, conductive thread, and tape all throw together in one bag. And what do we do with the LEDs?
Look at this delight! Six round trays with 6 snap down slots for stowing batteries LEDs. We simply plop two sets on each table and the kids have access to what they need. And it's relatively easy to clean up. We're *really* going to appreciate this when we start using the red, yellow, green, blue, and white LEDs in combo...
(Bags are by Creative Options and I think we ordered them through AC Moore.)

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