Monday, September 21, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Check out the upcoming conference at MIT:


January 25-27, 2010

MIT Media Lab - Cambridge, MA, USA

Thursday, September 10, 2009

NYT Home Crafts Get Wired

Alison Lewis, 35, seen here in the Philadelphia home she shares with her boyfriend, is part of a wave of young product designers intent on embedding electronics into "soft" areas like fashion or home furnishings.

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Visit to the Fashion & Textile Museum in London UK

Last week, while at DiGRA, I went to see the 'Undercover' exhibit on underwear at the London Fashion and Textile Museum. Not exactly the topic for our K-12 crowd. Nevertheless, there was one design, which imitated tattoos, that might lend itself for computational textile applications. Designers could use LEDs to reveal a tattoo like a hidden design. It's a bit of a stretch, I admit.

The visit to the book store didn't reveal much; in fact, the bounty was rather sparse. I was much more successful in the Tate Modern bookstore unearthing two more book on computational fabric design (a bit more tangential) and one on computation in fabrics and fashion. More on those as I read them.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Massage Me

Check out Hannah Perner-Wilson's work at as well as the KOBAKANT collaboration between Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson posted at for some interesting takes on computational textiles like the "Massage Me" work pictured here.

The collaboration explores the realm of wearable technology as a medium for commenting on technological and social aspects. KOBAKANT believes in the spirit of humoring technology, maintaining a twisted criticism toward the stereotypes it creates. Technology is to be hacked, DIYed and modified by everyone to fit our needs and desires.

Thanks to Leslie Sharpe at Indiana University who turned us on to this work!