Sunday, June 3, 2012

RoboFur with LilyPad Arduino

This was in the video for the Innovation NYTimes Magazine June 3, 2012

LilyPads, LEDs, and Make-up?

Have you seen these latest trends in using the LilyPad Arduino and LEDs for an array of new fashion and designer make-up? Wow, it makes getting ready for the club to a whole new level!

LED Eyelashes

LED Eye Shadow

and LED Teeth

FPgirl - Bring your style to life!

Just saw this new web community advertised on network television -- Fashion Playtes! FashionPlaytes is a whole new kind of "shopping trip." The website enables girls to design unique outfits that can be ordered online, fabricated, and sent to your home. FashionPlaytes also has several other features (that remind me of some of the games virtual design studio on from designing clothes and models to creating their own design studio. They say, "We provide high-quality fabrics, fashion-forward styles and a safe, creative environment - and girls bring the creativity and fun!"

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