Saturday, April 24, 2010

SparkL Motion - Accelerometer Necklace

 Created by Jennifer Savage, a member of Alpha One Labs

From her post: SparkL Motion is a simple ribbon necklace (she used using pulse width modulation to make LEDs “sparkle”) The LilyPad Arduino is front and center, worn like a Cameo, with a strand of LEDs coming out from either side of it. The electricity is run through conductive thread, so there are no wires that could poke the wearer. The top of the ribbon itself is crimped in place using beads, so that the ribbon falls along the edge of the neckline. This crimping also creates a soft ruffle and helps to distribute the weight of the LilyPad so that it doesn’t tilt forward. Additionally, both a battery source (3V Coin Cell) and an accelerometer are hidden behind the LilyPad itself.

Step by step instructions, code and stitching suggestions are posted at:

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