Friday, April 23, 2010

Bringing History Alive via the LilyPad

Dana Johnson, an M.A. student in Public History at the University of Western Ontario, created an interactive historical exhibit, using a real story (Harry Hansell b. 1923), miltary jacket, old letters, images on a computer screen and the LilyPad Arduino and LEDs.  Below are a few project photos, however you can read about the entire creation process (including code) and design journey on her blog at:

The LilyPad & battery were sewn on the left hip of the jacket

Each of the 4 pockets have an LED that lights when it's time to reach in the pocket.

Excerpt from one of the 4 letters reproduced from the archives of
Harry Ernst Hansell, a Royal Canadian Air Force serviceman. 
This letter be found in one of the four jacket pockets.

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