Saturday, February 6, 2010

Looking for an e-textile career? Check out Smart Fabrics 2010...

The 6th annual Smart Fabrics 2010 is taking place April 14 - 16 in Miami, Florida. Smart Fabrics 2010 is the top event for the industry, featuring 40+ presentations from leaders across the smart textiles supply chain While much of the focus is on the commercial aspect of e-textiles, special attention will be paid to the current status of innovative smart fabric technologies in the marketplace, as well as recent application breakthroughs. The conference will be of particular interest for people involved in electronics, textiles, medical, sporting equipment, fashion, and healthcare industries, as well as military/space agencies and the investment community.
Two pre conference seminars include: 'Wearable Electronics for Illuminated Costumes & Clothing' with Janet Hansen, founder and chief fashion engineer of Enlighted Designs and an interactive, hands on 'Do It Yourself' with Leah Buechley, assistant professor at MIT and Director of the High-Low Tech Group at MIT's Media Lab. (Leah is also the creator of the LilyPad Arduino computational textile tool set)

Speaking at the event is Alison Lewis, author of Switch Craft, one of the leading books in the field including 20 DIY projects integrating sewing, craft and electronics. See website for the list of speakers and the conference agenda:

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