Monday, February 22, 2010

Est Today-Join the Fashion Revolution

Where can a young girl go when she wants to create a wardrobe all her own? No, not the mall, where grown-ups have already created pieces for her, but to her computer, where she can tap into her inner design maven and call her own style shots. Poised to transform the way young girls interact with and purchase clothing, Est. Today is an online fashion studio that gives tweens the creative license and platform to create, showcase and buy clothing they design themselves.

"Est. Today is all about handing over fashion control to the girls," says CEO David Cote. "By giving them the collaborative tools and guidance to design their own fashion, and allowing them to share these designs with their friends, we're starting a Fashion Revolution based on empowerment."

Join the Revolution at!

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  1. People sell their stuffs online and its so surprising that most designs are better than the designs of renowned designers. The prices are also very reasonable.