Sunday, August 7, 2011

Deja Vu Intelligent Purse: A purse that remembers when you can't

Deja Vu front with pressure switch
First there was the Know-It-All Knitting Bag, created by Kalani Craig using the LilyPad Arduino..."It knows your row number, the chart for your stitch pattern, and where you are in that stitch pattern."  For those of us who are constantly searching for our keys in a big seemingly bottomless purse wondering  "Did I even put my keys in my purse?"  comes the aptly named Deja Vu intelligent purse which can scan up to 5 tagged items in your bag to answer that mind boggling question. Designers Heidi Chen and Nicole Tariverdian, use a slight squeeze to a pressure switch to respond on the five LED display to signal which items are in the bag.
Inside showing the LilyPad Arduino

For a video demo of the bag, details on how to make the bag, including the Arduino code visit:

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