Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CLO Workshop at Wharton School of Business

In mid-September the team at University of Pennsylvania led a workshop for CLOs (chief learning officers) where they sewed several lights on a pre-programmed Lilypad. Our goal was for them to have a hat with blinking lights by the end of the 2.5 hour workshop, expose them to ways to change the programming, and have them reflect on their learning. Nothing like being taken out of your comfort zone with sewing, making circuits, and learning basic programming to reflect on one’s learning!

In a massive sewing morning, we pre-sewed swatches with power supplies and switches connected to a Lilypad. We shall not divulge how often we poked ourselves in the process.) There were 29 participants - Below was the result with all of our lovely sewing lined up neatly.

The participants then worked to sew on up to five lights. They were so excited about creating their projects that they refused to go on their break and some tables started competing with each other to see who could get the most lights sewn on to their Lilypad.

Once swatches were finished the participants velcro’d them to black hats (the hats were too thick to sew the components on directly) and some folks added some decorations to spark them up.

We also showed them how they could re-program order, pace, and number of blinks without changing any of the sewing - the project that keeps on giving. :)

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