Friday, January 1, 2010

Tools and Project Ideas for E-Textiles with Kids

Diane Glosson writes, "I've been looking at these Alex Knot-A-Quilt kits for kids, see The kits include 48 -9" fringed squares, meaning we could make 24 fringed pillows (with a simple circuit sewn on one side of the pillow from each kit, so it would come close to $1 in fabric per child). This just seemed easy for the little ones that might not have enough sewing experience to stitch an entire pillow."

"I also just came across the GO! fabric cutter, that you can buy dies for: (cutter runs $349) Such as the rag die (for fringed pillows){BDC07F45-5735-4CD2-AF63-E8810DCB684F} Or appliqua shapes{F9FB26AC-5853-4132-AF76-DA5FB660B227} etc."

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